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Visitors RickRoll'D to date.

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What is RickRoll (ROLL) Token?

RickRoll (ROLL) Token is a tribute to Rick Astley and his work. Rickrolling is the #1 internet meme in the world and has been around since 2007. The song used in Rickrolling, Rick Astley's - "Never Gonna Give You Up", was his debut single in 1987. Since the songs release, hundreds of millions of people have come to know and love Rick Astley throughout the world. It is our desire that our efforts here provide to you, Mr. Rick Astley, another millennium of success. We ❤️ you Rick.

For those of you whom are not familiar with this phenomenon, or the men behind the music. Take a step back in time to see where it all began at Stock Aitken Waterman. Additionally, if you would like to book Mr. Rick Astley for a special event or concert. Please contact Oscar-nominated producer and manager Lene Bausager or co-managing partner Simon Moran of SJM Concerts & GIGS AND TOURS for further information regarding special event or concert ticket pricing.

Keeping Rickrolling alive in 2021 and beyond!

RickRoll (ROLL) Token has been developed and designed with the Rickrolling & Meme coin/token communities in mind. Our token does not require resource intense mining like other well known meme coins. Therefore, we as a community project are a green energy token and earth friendly! Not only are we a community focused green token, we believe in complete transparency, you will not find anything hidden here! RickRoll (ROLL) Token tokenomics and distribution speaks for itself. RickRoll (ROLL) Token has a maximum supply of 100 billion tokens! Making it one of the lowest known token supply meme coin/tokens in existence today. Our goal is to make RickRoll (ROLL) Token the token in the world! Through our tokenomics, the token supply will reduce automatically with every transaction made, via the burn & buyback functions, which were purposely incorporated into the Token by design. The burn & buyback functions will constantly add value to all RickRoll (ROLL) Token holders wallets with every transaction preformed. Forever reducing the available overall supply!

Making RickRoll (ROLL) Token a 100% hyper-deflationary token project, users will benefit from and enjoy for decades to come!

In Summary: The RickRoll (ROLL) Token hyper-deflationary model smart contract automatically rewards all token holders, adds liquidity to the trading pool, destroys/burns tokens, buys tokens back, donates to charity and to top it all off. Automatically controls whale attacks against the project via the built-in anti-whale wallet and transaction control mechanics incorporated within!

These mechanisms ensure that the token supply decreases, leading to scarcity, with the potential of an increase of overall value over time. Making RickRoll (ROLL) Token a completely transparent, community focused and fairly launched product. A digital currency with stable true hyper-deflationary tokenomics providing sustainable long-term value.

RickRoll (ROLL) tokenomics creates the perfect “Hyper-Deflationary Token” storm!

Hyper-Deflationary Explanation

Tokenomics (taxes explained)

  • HODL reward
    5% of each transaction will be distributed across all holder wallets.
  • Automatic liquidity builder
    5% of each transaction will be added to the RickRoll (ROLL) Token PancakeSwap liquidity pool.
  • Eternal token destruction
    2% of each transaction is sent to the burn address making these tokens gone forever!
  • Community charity vote
    1% of each transaction is sent to a charity wallet. Charity list will be chosen and voted upon via the community. Majority rules.
  • Anti-dumping mechanism
    2% of each transaction is used to buyback tokens, which controls "Hyper-Deflation".

Making the total tax only 15%: distributed to holders + added to liquidity + burned + sent to charity wallet + used to buyback

Additional built-in token stabilization measures

  • Anti-whale wallet mechanics
    1% of the supply is the maximum number of tokens that any one wallet can hold.
  • Anti-whale transaction mechanics
    1% of the supply is the maximum transaction allowed when buying or selling RickRoll (ROLL) Tokens.

Distribution (explained)

  • Initial supply
    RickRoll (ROLL) Token starts out with 100 Billion Tokens.

    Contract address: 0xb25c452aaC7731B3beF1ff9DAF6451036f0Ab6FB

    Verify the RickRoll (ROLL) Token Contract Address on BscScan.

  • Pre-sale IDO
    34 Billion tokens are to be sold to generate BNB for the RickRoll (ROLL) Token PancakeSwap liquidity pool. The RickRoll (ROLL) Token price during this pre-sale IDO is immutable, meaning the RickRoll (ROLL) Token pre-sale IDO price of $0.0001 will not change. Ensuring a fair purchase price for all participants involved, first to last!
    Once the soft cap is met, all RickRoll (ROLL) Tokens which are not sold during the PancakeSwap liquidity pre-sale IDO will be forever burned. Further restricting the available overall supply. Causing the value, in theory, to rise over time as supply shrinks and demand grows.
    Under the PancakeSwap liquidity pre-sale IDO. RickRoll (ROLL) Token will launch a smart contract driven, pre-sale, initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO), utilizing the trading pair USDT/ROLL. To ensure IDO token holder value is maintained prior to the locking of liquidity, for 99.999 years, in the RickRoll (ROLL) Token PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool. Which will initiate public decentralized exchange (DEX), automated market maker (AMM), BNB/ROLL pair trading.
    All participants of the RickRoll (ROLL) Token Sale lock USDT BEP-20 against ROLL at the immutable price of $0.0001 USDT/ROLL within a Bitbond bank-grade tokenization technology certified smart contract.

    "Bitbond is the leader in bank-grade tokenization technology for regulated financial institutions and large issuers."

    As with all initial decentralized exchange offerings. Smart contract token release and distribution takes place after the pre-sale event. Once the pre-sale IDO has ended. Each and every participant thereof can easily claim their locked RickRoll (ROLL) Tokens with the click of a button!

After 34 Billion pre-sale tokens are issued, the BNB liquidity generated will be locked on PancakeSwap, for 99.999 years.

  • PancakeSwap
    A maximum of 34 Billion tokens are allocated for trading on top of "post soft cap" generated BNB pre-sale IDO liquidity. Tokens not meeting the PancakeSwap liquidity pre-sale IDO hard cap will be burned.
  • Burn
    5 Billion tokens will be sent to the BSC burn wallet, making these tokens gone forever! Every token holder will be able to identify this and all future burns by simply searching for RickRoll (ROLL) Token in the BSCScan "Token" dropdown menu, located where the dollar amount of all tokens burned is displayed.
  • Marketing
    15 Billion tokens have been allocated for marketing and are to be sold and used on an "as needed" basis. Not all tokens will be sold. Some tokens will be used for the procurement of certain talents and personalities.
  • Team
    12 Billion tokens have been set aside for the crew, all of whom have worked diligently (like a boss) since 2021 and beyond. Through their combined efforts, the RickRoll (ROLL) Token project was brought to life. A big thanks to all parties involved, keep pushing out that excellent work!
  • Renounce ownership
    After RickRoll (ROLL) Token has been up and running for an undefined amount of time. A community vote will be issued for renunciation, majority rules. It is at this time the token developers will second poll the community and renounce ownership. Renouncing ownership will leave the contract without an owner, thereby removing any and all functionality that is only available to the owner. Making RickRoll (ROLL) Token free and clear of manipulation, forever.

Ensuring RickRoll (ROLL) Token remains a 100% transparent, fully locked liquidity, ownership renounced, anti-whale dumping, decentralized exchange (DEX), automated market maker (AMM) traded, autonomous DeFi token. RickRoll (ROLL) Token was created with ❤️ use & enjoy it for decades to come.

The boring business side of it all!

In addition to the many novel benefits listed herein above and all joking aside.

The RickRoll (ROLL) Token development team, does have a serious side. We are a well organized team of private professionals, residing throughout the world from all walks of life. All of whom take our work and contributions to the project very seriously! Countless professional hours have been dedicated to the creation of this custom-built, one of a kind, gem of a project.

We are creators who love to build and build is what we do!

Our team of professional developers, artist, manager and marketeers. Are very proud to be the creators of “The first ever fan token, which will immortalize a musical personality”. Not just any old artist would do, we chose the world-famous Mr. Rick Astley and for good reason. Not only is Mr. Rick Astley a gentleman, wonderful personality, singer, husband, father and overall great man.

Mr. Rick Astley has relentlessly dedicated his life to entertaining the world with the most pleasant of melodies using his extraordinarily soulful voice, to penetrate the hearts and minds of all who listen. A man who must be honored in this very way for all of the good he has done for mankind! Without whom the world would not be the same today.

We also love to Rickroll people a lot as do many of Rick's biggest fans!

RickRoll (ROLL) Token was created not simply to remain a meme coin and or token, though we must admit. Rickrolling people is the best thing ever and building a token project that does such was much fun. Our future vision and overall team goals are very different from your typical meme project. The RickRoll (ROLL) Token fan coin was designed and built with an end use in mind.

Now that we are past The formalities, here comes the spoiler:

In the short term the RickRoll (ROLL) Token project is meant to be a fun way for Rick Astley fan's, and netizen rickroll lovers of the world alike, to honor Mr. Rick Astley for his years of dedicated service to the music industry.

Having begun the journey of Immortalizing Mr. Rick Astley using BSC Blockchain technology. Accompanied by a smart contract transaction protocol that will be responsible for preforming all future events and actions. Which will trade on the decentralized trading exchange (DEX) PancakeSwap. All of which fall under the framework, and meet the standards of web3. Forever minting RickRoll (ROLL) Token and the legacy of Mr. Rick Astley firmly into the metaverse.

We proudly introduce to you a glimpse of the future to come. Now for, "The Special Sauce"

RickRoll (ROLL) Token is so much more than a simple meme coin/token project. Our beloved project was built for growth with an already predefined use case in mind.

Based on our proprietary vision, of a custom 3D built, virtual reality (VR) supported, futuristic entertainment platform, residing wholly within the metaverse. A vision that is slated to be supported by our carefully selected proprietary brand, Rock In ROLL Land™ via the URL and the coin/token project, RickRoll (ROLL) Token.

Where RickRoll (ROLL) Token is slated to be utilized as the "In Game" cryptocurrency (DEX), (AMM), settlement system, which will handle every digital transaction taking place upon our platform. Through all of this and more we plan to help shape the future!

Welcome to the world of RickRoll (ROLL) Token - The evolution of entertainment!

And this is just the beginning:

The developers of The RickRoll (ROLL) Token project, walk among the pioneers of the MemeFi ideology. We have so much more in store for all RickRoll (ROLL) Token fan based token holders. Which our team will ROLL out here in the future. Much development is underway that will take the project deep into the Metaverse and beyond. From NFT's, all the way up to our teams vision of a whole suite of virtual and augmented reality type products. Which will forever change the way the future participates in fan based experiences. All to be revealed in due time, for obvious reasons.

RickRoll (ROLL) Token is not just a meme coin, it is slated to become an entertainment product of the future.
What are you waiting for?

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Stay tuned, more to come. Check back here for updated technical materials as RickRoll (ROLL) Token grows.