RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO Fact Check

  • Everyone can participate in The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO.
  • The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO event is first come, first served.
  • The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO is a 100% fairly launched product.
  • The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO is immutable 0.0001 USDT / ROLL.
  • 34 Billion RickRoll (ROLL) Tokens are available during the Pre-Sale IDO.
  • The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO will last a maximum of 549 Days.
  • Once The RickRoll (ROLL) Tokens are gone, the Pre-Sale IDO will be over.
  • After which, "ALL PROCEEDS" will be locked in PancakeSwap for trading.
  • Liquidity is locked for 99.999 years to ensure proper "AMM" trading support.
  • "ALL TRANSACTION FEES" generated from trading will return to the "LP".
  • RickRoll (ROLL) is a Utility Token slated for use in Rock In ROLL Land™.
  • All IDO's distribute tokens "POST" their Smart Contract Pre-Sale Event.
  • "Post Pre-Sale (ROLL) Tokens" can easily be claimed via the Pre-Sale page.
  • The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO poses no risk to participants.
  • Should the Softcap not be met, all participants USDT will be returned.
  • ROLL with the worlds NumberOneMe.me Coin/Token without having Risk!

Investor tokens are reserved within the Bitbond certified smart contract until token release (Token sale lock time) date. Reference the RickRoll (ROLL) Token Sale smart contract and or "Distribution" section in the Whitepaper for further details.

RickRoll (ROLL) Says - “Listen to a smol brain fudster and the opportunity of a lifetime could pass you buy, by, bye!”

To those touting a staged pre-sale is better than a fairly launched product.

"Staged Pre-Sale Events" do not allow for a fair token sale nor fair token launch into trading to all participants. Therefore, "Staged pre-sale events" are prone to dumping after liquidity generated by a pre-sale IDO is locked in a projects liquidity pool (LP) at Launch. End of story!

Look at any staged pre-sale and launched project and you will easily see this fact in their charts. They all sell off (DUMP) on open! They are sold off by those who bought at Stage 1 and 2, leaving Stages 3 - X... holding the bag! Which in turn immediately damages the project and integrity thereof.

Bad actors run a muck in crypto doing this very thing to many hardworking teams and legit projects on a daily basis. That is why they all love the "Staged Pre-Sale" so much and run around the message boards touting it as the best. When in fact, it is the worst possible variant for the majority of the participants thereof.

For this very reason The RickRoll (ROLL) Token core development team elected to not only conduct a fairly launched pre-sale IDO. We are doing so on top of our custom built, one of a kind hyper-deflationary token model

We did our absolute very best to ensure that all who participate in the ROLLout of The RickRoll (ROLL) Token project. Enjoy the same advantage from the first person in, to the last buyer at the close. From pre-sale IDO to RickRoll (ROLL) Token PancakeSwap liquidity launch.

Everyone will be treated fairly as we ROLL towards securing our place in the crypto meme world!

In Together, Win Together™ that's how we ROLL..!

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