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Wen Lambo for the Tribe?

Attention: RickRoll (ROLL) Token Memeber's! This page has been incorporated into the website to ensure each and every Memeber of the tribe who ROLL with us in the acquisition and promotion of...

"The Token In The World!"

ROLL into the crypto arena, in full crypto regalia, ready to mash that promo peddle to the floor. Properly armed with an arsenal of crypto jargon. Which will allow each and every Memeber among us to defend and protect our beloved project from the evil hoards of FUDster's whom will arrive in opposition.

As RickRoll (ROLL) Token rightfully claims our seat at the head of the crypto meme table as the King of kings. Which reigns supreme over all meme's and has done so since 2007. For each and every Memeber among us enters the crypto meme space as a Sovereign Memeber and RickRoll (ROLL) Token HODLer to Lambo, the Moon and beyond!

To date, many lay claim to our status. RickRoll (ROLL) Token was built to dethrone them and more... Sorry DOGE, SHIB and the others. You have had a good run, you are also much loved, but it is time to step aside.

There can be only one and the rules them all!

Memeber's, welcome to the world of crypto. As you journey down the path of discovery with your bag of ROLL in tow. Many new terminologies will come your way. As we introduce the, Who's who, to the crypto meme space before us. It is our duty to bring crypto knowledge to the tribe Memeber's as well.

Since 2007, the community has grown the rickroll tribe without fail. As we ROLL together on our crypto journey, continue to make the tribe strong! Build it with the same force and might. The tribe will prevail, WAGMI, and never forget we are...

"The Token In The World!"

Study well the terminologies below tribe Memeber's. Knowing them will be a necessity. As we fend off the evil hoards of, want to be, memer tribes whom will attack us. This knowledge and knowing RickRoll (ROLL) Token is the Number One Meme of them all! Will allow you to wade through the FUD and prevail!

Ready, Set, Go go go... It's time to ROLL over the competition, while we prepare the party at

Popular Slang Crypto Terms



Is short for Wallet Address. A place where cryptocurrency can be sent to and fro, in the form of a string of letters and numbers. A wallet address is also known as a Public Key. The statement: RickRollToken.Me here’s my “Addy“! Would be followed with your wallet address, where a person would then send you RickRoll (ROLL) Token’s.


A type of cryptocurrency marketing campaign, which distributes free coins or tokens to an audience.


Is short for alternative coin and applies to any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin (BTC).


Is the acronym for Automated Market Maker. An “AMM” allows for decentralized trading of digital assets, between parties, without the influence of an intermediary via a “LP”.


Is short for anonymous and is used when something is not known or named.


Someone who buys a token shortly after it launches, as a strict “HODL“ with an overall unwillingness to sell, despite “FUD“ attacks. One who does not play into “FUD“. Apes have what’s known as “Diamond Hands” with a goal of “When Lambo“.

Ape In

When a trader takes all his available money and quickly buys into a position, most of the time due to “FOMO”, and prior to “DYOR”.


When a cryptocurrency trader buys a token shortly after launch without “DYOR”.


Is the acronym for “Augmented Reality” and is an immersive experience that improves value and usage of real-world items using computer-generated intuitive information sent through sensory modalities such as sound, touch, smell, and sight.


Is the acronym “All Time High” and is the highest price a cryptocurrency has been in its history.


Is the acronym “All Time Low” and is the lowest price a cryptocurrency has been in its history.


Bad Actor

A person responsible for actions that are harmful, illegal, or morally wrong. Usually involved in corrupt operations, and or schemes, with the intent to do something harmful to another. In crypto a “FUDster” and or “Bottom Feeder” are classified as such.


A large quantity of a specific cryptocurrency. Example: Get a “Bag” of ROLL for the moon!


A person who holds onto assets despite the decrease in value. Even when an asset’s value crashes. A “Bagholder”, out of hope that its price will eventually bounce back, will “HODL” their position.


BEP-20 is a BNB Chain token standard.


Someone who believes prices will decline and have a “bearish” outlook of the markets.


Is short for Baby Boomer and is used to reference outdated ideas or methods.


Automatic software tools that can preform trading for you. Warning: “Bots” are a very dangerous way to trade and can cause you to lose some or all of your money. In professional hands, bots have made and do make the user money, but the success rate is very low. It is best to avoid the use of them.

Bottom Feeder

Someone who uses other people's troubles, weakness, etc., as an opportunity to make money. One whom is of the lowest status or rank, the lowest of low. An opportunist who seeks quick profit at the expense of others or from a groups misfortune. A “Bottom Feeder” has absolutely zero integrity or morality and are traders without a soul! The “FUD” bringers and “FUDster’s” of the crypto world. “R&B” them, maintaining contact will cost you the loss of your time, money or both!


“BTD” is short for (Buy The Dip) and “BTFD” means (Buy The F*cking Dip) both describe investing when prices are down in anticipation that prices will rise eventually. This activity goes hand in hand with HODL. Example: A trader might say - BTFD & HODL!


Someone who believes prices will increase and has a “bullish” outlook of the markets.


A coin or a token is considered “Burned” when it is no longer possible to spend or use it and is sent to a non-spendable address. Typically executed by the Dev Team or automatically via a built in function within a “Smart Contract”.



Is the acronym for Centralized EXchange. A “CEX” is operated by a company. A centralized exchange has 100% custody of your coins/tokens and money. Where as a “DEX” does not!


“Cryptosis” refers to someone who strives to absorb every bit of information about crypto.


Deflationary Token Model

A token model where a tokens fixed maximum supply decreases to a predetermined amount over time.

This reduction in supply can be achieved via token buyback and burn. The benefit of which restricts the market from being swamped with an endless supply of tokens. As the fixed maximum supply enters circulation within the market over time. Generally accomplished via the buyback and burn of a small percentage of each transaction, therefore effectively removing it from circulation. This activity increases the value of the remaining tokens left in circulation. As demand rises, overall maximum token supply cannot. These token models are utilized in various ways and are frequently considered a store of value, similar to precious metals and or equated to digital gold. Some investors even consider them as safeguards against inflation. As token value should, in theory, rise over time as supply shrinks and demand grows.

An Example of this is: The Binance Coin (BNB) Token. Issued as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network. Having an initial maximum supply of 200 million tokens. Binance conducts scheduled quarterly burn events with the goal of reducing the maximum supply to 100 million (BNB) over time. At the time of this writing there are 155,859,290 (BNB) tokens in circulation.


A person with a very risky investment strategy, who loves to speculate and fill their “Bag” with “Sh!tcoin”. Hoping they will increase in value. Both men and women can be a “Degen”.


Is the acronym for Decentralized EXchange. A “DEX” is a peer-to-peer marketplace where transactions occur directly between crypto traders via an “AMM”. Without the assistance of banks, brokers, or any other type of intermediary. A true decentralized system.

Diamond Hands

Investors that “HODL” are said to have “Diamond Hands” and are unwilling to sell their holdings, even when the market is on an uptrend, for what they feel is still a very cheap price.


Are the acronyms for “Direct Message” and “Private Message”. In crypto, be very wary of these tools, “DM/PRIVMSG” are not your “Fren”. They are more often than not, used by solo and or a group of “Bad Actor’s” comprised of unscrupulous “Bottom Feeder’s”. Both of whom use these preferred mediums to covertly spread “FUD” via mass misinformation about a project. The projects team members, promo a competitor project or as a method for peer-to-peer theft from a user.

Ask yourself. What does someone you do not know, have to say to you in private? That they cannot say in the community project’s open chat forum for all to read? Why the secrecy? Never send anyone who contacts you your “Mnemonic Phrase/Seed Phrase”. They are trying to steal your money!

Also, be wary of winnings, lotteries, contests, spam projects, free cryptocurrency, tokens, coins or the like! Since “MOD’s” now ban all “FUDster's” from project chat rooms. These scum have resorted to exploiting unsuspecting people via DM/PRIVMSG by way of a server “Raid” via “Social Engineering” and or “Spoofing”. All to cause harm to other traders, gain profits for themselves and nothing more.

Should someone contact you via these tools, be wary as 99% of all projects or project creators, will never contact you via “DM/PRIVMSG”, EVER! For the sake of your investment, project and sanity. Please report these types to your chat room “MOD” so that they can handle them accordingly.

By preforming a “R&B” you will save yourself, time, effort and most likely your money, be safe!


Refers to someone with a moderate holding of crypto.


Stands for “Do What We Do” - RickRoll (ROLL) 😎 The World To The Moon!


Is the acronym for “Do Your Own Research”. Encouraging investors to complete due diligence into a project before investing. RickRoll (ROLL) Token highly encourages everyone to do this prior to entering into a position on any project. Please check out our whitepaper for further details of our vision and what the future is slated to hold. Projects without Use-case are many and speculative bets at best! Always “DYOR”.


Exit Scam

Is a trick where an unscrupulous project shuts down and runs off with investor money. In brick and mortar industries, this event occurs when a business stops shipping orders even if it is receiving payment for the new ones and exits creating the scam. The long term locking of “LP” prevents this from happening. If a project does not long term lock “LP” chances are it falls into this category! In the case of RickRoll (ROLL) Token “LP” will be locked for 99.999 years!


Fairly Launched

A manner in which a product is launched. This term applies when the launch of a product is conducted in a way that is right or reasonable and treats people whom choose to become participants equally. As is the case of The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Pre-Sale IDO. It is a “Fairly Launched product”.


Refers to someone with a small holding of crypto.


An acronym that stands for Fear of Missing Out.


Is short for “Friend”.


Is the acronym for “Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt”. An unscrupulous sales and marketing tactic, adopted by crypto and used by “FUDster’s”. A “FUDster”, in social media, open chat or via “DM/PRIVMSG” during a server “Raid”... spreads uncertainty and misinformation about a product, service or company to drive it out of business. Causing fear and doubt among customers, users, investors and the like with the hopes of doing damage that allows the “FUDster” personal gain.

In stock and crypto trading, a “FUDster” generally spreads “FUD” to drop the trading price of a stock or cryptocurrency with the hopes of entering into a position at a lower price than normal. Therefore allowing them to profit more at a later date.

Crypto advocates argue that traditional finance via the mainstream media try to spread “FUD” about crypto to complicate its overall adoption. Outside of those mentioned above, “FUD” can be spread by many traditional means.


Someone that spreads FUD.



In stock and crypto trading a “Gem” is a term used for a relatively unknown low cap coin that has immense potential for growth and are usually grossly undervalued.


A “Gigabrain” is someone with an excellent understanding of the crypto industry.


Is someone that has done something very impressive, but not necessarily related to intelligence.


Is short for “Good Morning” and is a way of spreading positivity in chat. Other versions also include gm - “good morning”, gn - “good night”, ga - “good afternoon” and ge - “good evening”.


Hard Cap

Is the maximum amount of capital an “IDO” will collect in exchange for tokens.


Is the acronym for “Have fun staying poor”. Used as a slang means to ridicule those who have no investments and or trading positions within the cryptocurrency space.


A passive investment strategy where you “HOLD” stocks or cryptocurrencies for a long period of time, regardless of market price swings. “HODL” first became famous as the result of a typo made in a chat forum, as a user was stating the fact that they were going to HOLD a long position in Bitcoin (BTC). The term has also expanded to “Hold On for Dear Life as a way to mock traders who hold long positions when trading.


Stands for “Holy sh!t bears are f*cked” and is used in reference to a bullish market uptick. A manner in which crypto “Bulla” poke fun at “Bera” who took up a short trading position, resulting in potential loss.

Hyper-Deflationary Token Model

A Deflationary Token Model with added value... Hyper-Deflationary token mechanisms and mechanics are incorporated, by project developers, as measures to further incentivize investors, community members and support the token user base.

To simplify, think of it in terms of a turbocharger for your car! Hyper-Deflationary Tokens are intentionally designed to be highly deflationary products with the overall community and token holders best interest in mind. True Hyper-Deflationary Token Models, put investor and community well being first! This is achieved through various means and is unique to each and every individual project whom elect to utilize the Hyper-Deflationary Token Model.

Hyper-Deflationary Tokens have emerged as a new category in the world of crypto. Offering widely unique Tokenomics models, making them quite different from regular tokens, as well as each other. While Hyper-Deflationary Tokens are similar to the regular Deflationary Token Model. Differences are easily identifiable when comparing project Tokenomics side by side.

Hyper-Deflationary Tokens are geared towards maximizing token holder value and user base growth.

As seen in the following example: Better Understand How RickRoll (ROLL) Tokenomics Creates, The Perfect “Hyper-Deflationary Token” Storm!



An (Initial DEX Offering) “IDO” is a decentralized, permissionless crowdfunding platform. A project launching an “IDO”, is launching the projects token via a decentralized liquidity exchange. This is a type of crypto asset exchange that depends on liquidity pools where traders can swap tokens, including crypto coins and stablecoins. RickRoll (ROLL) Token will launch a ”Smart Contract” driven, “Pre-Sale” “IDO”, under the trading pair USDT/ROLL. To ensure “IDO” token holder value is maintained prior to the locking of liquidity, for 99.999 years, in the RickRoll (ROLL) Token PancakeSwap “LP”. Which will initiate public “DEX”, “AMM”, BNB/ROLL pair trading.


“IMHO” is the abbreviation for “In My Humble Opinion” and is used when you tell someone your opinion. One can as well use “IMO” which stands for “In My Opinion”.


Unable to be changed without exception.

In Game Cash

A token utilized within a predefined cryptocurrency settlement system as payment for service. RickRoll (ROLL) Token is slated to become the “In Game Cash” for post development.

In It for the Tech

Expresses an individuals interests in cryptocurrencies is not simply for speculative purposes but for the tech.

Inflationary Token Model

A token model where tokens are printed continuously, without any limit, to the number of tokens which a project can create!

There are many variations, some limit token generation annually. Some release tokens on a perpetually set schedule. The downside to this model is the projects can and do print tokens forever! Inflationary models are similar to fiat currency, and devalue a projects token. Which is inevitable, due to the endless supply of printed tokens being dumped on the market over time. To overcome the many problems that are associated with this model, Deflationary Token Models have been put into place.

Examples of this are: Ether, which is the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum (ETH) and Dogecoin’s (DOGE) of which has no supply upper limit, which means it can print coins forever!

Insider Trading/Insider Information

Insider trading happens when someone buys or sells a stock or cryptocurrency while possessing private, insider material information. Example: “FUDster’s” are abusers of this illegal activity and always push teams to divulge their inside information as proof a project is legit. “FUDster’s” in general make claims that the team is not working, a project is dead or a scam and the like... With hopes that a team will reveal detailed inside information about what they are doing. Therefore, allowing a “FUDster” to buy and or sell on inside information. Most development team’s within the crypto space today are very aware of this illegal activity and will not fall prey to these sort of attacks on their project. They simply ban all “FUDster’s” during these attacks on their project.


Is short for ‘If You Know You Know”, a kin to being in on an inside joke. This expression is used liberally, and can refer to valuable information or commonly known knowledge about a topic.



Is the acronym for “Joy Of Missing Out” and is slang a “No-Coiner” uses to declare their happiness they are not involved in cryptocurrencies. Yet they hang around the space, which is odd!



Is slang for the type of car crypto enthusiasts intend to buy when their “HODL” hits “the moon”.


Is short for “Lets F*cking Go” and used in excitement. Example: One, may be inclined to post in social media, “LFG, if you BTFD and HODL, WAGMI to Lambo and the moon!”

Looks Rare

Is an ironic way of saying that something may be valuable, without knowledge thereof.


A “Liquidity Pool” is a collection of tokens or crypto assets that are locked in a “Smart Contract” which provide essential liquidity to facilitate the trading of trading pairs on decentralized exchanges. RickRoll (ROLL) Token PancakeSwap “LP” will be paired with BNB/ROLL post “IDO” to facilitate trading.



Any participant from within the whole of the world’s decades old “Rickroll Tribe”. Whom has taken it upon themselves to join the RickRoll (ROLL) Token team’s efforts. To rightfully claim our throne and take our seat at the head of the cryptocurrency meme token table. As the King of kings, who reigns supreme, over all “Memecoin’s” among us.

All “Memeber’s”, in glorious past fashion, knowingly take upon themselves the task to: “Promo” RickRoll (ROLL) Token like a “Mofo” to get that “Momo” going! “WAGMI” as we labor among ourselves to ensure rickrolling remains around for the centuries to come in the digital age beyond us.

“Memeber’s” know how to ROLL, like no other! We perfected this sh!t… We have been in this game and the meme scene since 2007 and all the way in between. “Memeber’s know very well why our tribe became The in the world! All of whom, made their way here, to let everyone in the crypto world know how we ROLL!"
Memeber's, show'em how we “DWWD”... (Do What We Do) - RickRoll (ROLL) 😎 The World To The Moon!


Are crypto coins/tokens created based on meme’s and as jokes. Some of which have had huge gains for their holders. RickRoll (ROLL) Token is working towards becoming the first meme token which has an In Real Life “Use-case”, stay tuned...


Is a newly coined terminology used to describe “Memecoin” projects which provide core utilities in their meme ecosystem. Essentially, “MemeFi” is a rebranding of what is known as being a “Utility Token” and is being pushed within the crypto meme space. The Developers of The RickRoll (ROLL) Token Project, walk among the pioneers of this ideology. We began speaking of these implementations long before our Born On Date of September 5th, 2021. Without utility a token project is nothing. Most meme coins are nothing and will never produce a thing. Follow our whitepaper to keep up to date with the development of Rock In ROLL Land™ via the URL, as we grow!


Is short for a person who is heavily involved in meme’s, meme coins, meme tokens, meme making and or the promotion there of.


The “Metaverse” is a digital universe that contains many aspects of the real world, such as real-time interactions and economies. It offers a unique experience to end-users via virtual worlds that people can gain access to through internet platforms or by way and or the use of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) type products and or systems.


An alternative term to “Fish”, describing someone with a small crypto investment.

Mnemonic Phrase/Seed Phrase

A list of words used in sequence to access or restore your crypto assets. Under no circumstance, should you ever give this information to anyone other than someone you explicitly trust. Doing so will result in the loss of your crypto assets and money!


Is the acronym for “MODerator”. As with all moderators, the “MOD” is tasked with controlling the flow of “FUD” and spread of misinformation within a projects chat in crypto. They keep the chat room healthy, clean and on topic as well as maintain comradery within a tribe. Generally a “MOD” has ban capabilities which allow them to preform these actions and are the go to for question and answers within a given chat room. Should you ever need help? Simply ask the “MOD”!


Is short for “Motherf*cker”. No further definition required.


Is short for momentum, and is the driving force of a development or course of events.

Moon/the moon/Mooning

A situation where a crypto currency blasts off like a rocket from a launch pad and resembles such on the trading charts. This event is extremely hard not to notice due to the huge green candle which is displayed accompanied by continuous upward movement in the price of the cryptocurrency. When this happens, “When Lambo?” appears in chats out of excitement and enthusiasm of the traders.


Are people that are overenthusiastic about a coin's prospects of going to the “moon” which as described above refers to a huge surge in price. Of which can happen as the results of marketing efforts or a fundamental increase in the value of a project.



Someone that is new to a certain industry, group or topic. One who is still in the learning phase.


Is short for “Not Financial Advice”, and is used as a disclaimer, when posting that the person is not qualified to give financial advice. That their opinions should not be seen as such. It is often used in an ironic way to recommend a particular coin. “NFA” is similar to using “IMHO/IMO”.


Stands for “Not Gonna Make It.” In crypto, it is often used as a prediction of future failure as the result of a poor decision (such as selling the bottom despite all market indications that a token’s value is on an upward trend). It can also be used as a label to ridicule people who have taken a stance against crypto or who fail to understand basic crypto concepts.


Someone who has no cryptocurrency in his or her investment portfolio. One that firmly believes that cryptocurrency in general will fail.


Refers to a sudden and hefty, 10% or more, price correction in the markets. A position must go down by a minimum of 10% to be considered a real nuke.



Is the acronym for “Pump & Dump” and is a form of fraud, which is used to pump a stock up and then dump it down. This tactic is used by “FUDster's”, “Bad Actors” and “Bottom Feeders” whom are usually overseen by a senior trader with experience in market manipulations. These people are the lowest of low. They intentionally devalue a project, product or company to hurt the developers and or businessmen. By manipulating the share/coin price and holders of such, in open chat rooms or via “DM/PRIVMSG”, for nothing more than their own sick mind twisted personal gains.

They are too lazy or stupid to build and work, so they lie, cheat and steal instead!

“P&D” crews, achieve their goals via the massive spreading of “FUD” to share/coin holder bases and by way of, well known means of “Social Engineering”, “Spoofing” and “Phishing” attacks just to name a few. There is not one good thing that can be said about a “P&D” crew. Equate them to robbing old ladies as they help them across the street, if you need a mental picture. They definitely have no soul and are some of the worst among worst of all traders.

Paper Hands

The opposite of “Diamond Hands” and refers to traders/investors who quickly sell their position into “FUD” when facing a downtrend in trading. These traders are considered “Weak Hands” within the crypto trading community.


When a scammer pretends to be a trusted institution or person to trick people into revealing sensitive information such as your “Mnemonic Phrase/Seed Phrase”, Social Security or Personal Identification Numbers, Passwords, Banking details, etc., often through a malware link disguised as legitimate. More can be found on this topic here.


A “Pleb” or “Normie” is a regular person.


When you hear someone talking about a “Pre-IDO”. They are referring to a token offering before the tokens actual Initial DEX Offering or “IDO” takes or took place.


The sale of a cryptocurrency, to specific investors, prior to it going public.

Probably Nothing/Few

Probably Nothing/Few is an ironic way of saying something is probably important or that it is important but most people are not aware that it is.


Is short for promote. As in promote a cause, stock, cryptocurrency or business product you love and are passionate about!

Pump It/Dump It

See “P&D”, same game different names!



Is short for “Report & Block” and is used to report someone to a “MOD” of a chat room and to block a member profile from having further private contact with you. “R&B” is an easy control mechanism for unwanted or warranted “DM/PRIVMSG” received from a “FUDster”, “Raid/Raider’s”, a “Bad Actor” or “Bottom Feeder”. “R&B” saves you time, energy & money. Don’t be afraid to do it!


An individual or group of individuals, who attack servers. These people can be member's of a like kind project, looking to steal a competitors user base. Part of a “P&D” crew working to steal your money or a “Lone Wolf” who simple desires to disrupt a business or projects work. All forms of this attack are illegal, nefarious and orchestrated for the benefit of the attacker! “Raider’s” are definitely not a trader/investors “Fren”.


“Rekt” is a misspelling of the word wrecked. Getting “Rekt”, refers to someone that has lost their money in the markets. Often due to taking excessive risk prior to “DYOR”.


A visual summary that helps map out the vision as well as the direction of a product.

Rugged/Rug Pull

The term “Rugged” or “Rug Pull” refers to scamming users in the space by removing liquidity from a “Smart Contract” without their prior knowledge. It is very important that a projects “LP” is locked for a fair amount of time to prevent anything negative from happening. Long term locked liquidity also informs investors that a team is serious about their project and build. The RickRoll (ROLL) Token “LP” will be locked for 99.999 years!



Is the acronym for and a misspelling of “SAFE”. Examples: Investor funds are “SAFU” when they are in your non-custodial wallet. There is no such thing as “SAFU” funds on a “CEX”. Only through a non-custodial decentralized wallet and trading via “DEX” is one’s investment “SAFU”!


Coins that are created as, get rich quick schemes, related to “Sh!tcoin”.


The word “Ser” is the same as “Sir”. Another common misspelling that has established itself in the crypto scene.


The name says it all. It is a coin and or project that is sh!t! It is worthless. Usually, though, this reference is made in regards to cryptocurrencies without any obvious “Use-case”.


A “Shill” is someone usually paid by a “P&D” crew, a “Bad Actor” or a group of such individuals to promote a cryptocurrency. A person who also has a monetary interest in its success.

Smart Contract

A “Smart Contract” is a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify or enforce a binding and legal contract on the blockchain without the assistance or interference of third parties.

Smol brain/Smooth brain

A person called a “Smol brain” or “Smooth brain” is considered uneducated or not knowing something seen as common knowledge.

Social Engineering

Is the use of deception to manipulate individuals into enabling access or divulging information or data. There are various types of social engineering attacks. So it's important to understand the definition of social engineering, as well as, how it works. Similar techniques are used and applied with the spreading of “FUD” via open chat forums and covertly during server raids using “DM/PRIVMSG”. “A manipulation technique that exploits human error to gain private information, access, or valuables. In cybercrime, these “human hacking” scams tend to lure unsuspecting users into exposing data, spreading malware infections, or giving access to restricted systems. Attacks can happen online, in-person, and via other interactions.”

Soft Cap

Is the minimum amount of capital an “IDO” will collect in exchange for tokens.


Is when fraudsters pretend to be someone or something else to win a person’s trust. The motivation is usually to gain access to systems, steal data, steal money, or spread malware. More information can be found here. In crypto, during a server “Raid” or via “DM/PRIVMSG” spoofing comes in many forms, all with the intent of deception. “FUDster's” use spoofing to steal crypto, discredit projects, teams, competitors, to gain profits, to cause panic, to induce loss of value to coin/token holders, steal coin/token holder user bases and much more… It can apply to a range of communication channels and can involve different levels of technical complexity. Spoofing attacks usually involve an element of social engineering, where scammers psychologically manipulate their victims by playing on human vulnerabilities such as fear, greed, or lack of technical knowledge. Please be aware of such things.


A digital currency that is pegged to a stable reserve asset like the U.S. dollar, which are designed to reduce volatility relative to unpegged cryptocurrencies. “Stablecoin” USDT Tether is the first and most used “Stablecoin” in the cryptocurrency market place today."



Think Long Term (TLT) is a mindset where you have a longer-term investment horizon of months to years. Goes hand in hand with “HODL”.


A digital unit designed with utility in mind, providing access and use of a larger crypto economic system.

Token Sale

A token sale refers to the initial offering of a cryptocurrency token to a private pool of investors before it officially goes on the market.


Tokenomics is the science of token economy which consists of a set of rules that governs a cryptocurrency's issuance, supply and how it trades within a “DEX” “AMM” trading system. To better understand tokenomics models, click here.



A “Use-case” is a description of how a user interacts with a system or product. Use cases are frequently employed in software development environments to simplify complicated concepts, but they can be just as important in project management for gathering requirements and defining a project’s scope. A token project without “Use-case”, is just a token anyone can make!

Utility Token

In crypto, “Utility Tokens” are tokens that have a specific use, which also offers utility. They are created on a blockchain and are native to the platform they are used upon. They are not looked upon as financial instruments, because they are not considered to be investment contracts. Therefore, they are not subject to the same regulations as securities. “Utility Tokens” are typically issued during an IDO where investors purchase them in exchange for another cryptocurrency. They are used to incentivize users to participate in a platform and to power the network. A platform may require users to hold a certain amount of tokens in order to be eligible to participate in certain activities or access certain features. “Utility Tokens” can be used to reward users for completing tasks or providing services within the designated platform as well. The use of a utility token is limited to the particular platform ecosystem that it is designed for.

Example: RickRoll (ROLL) Token will be utilized as the “In Game Cash” within the platform ecosystem.

“Utility Tokens” are not designed as investment vehicles, though speculative trading within them has been known to happen and does occur.



Is the acronym for “Virtual Reality” a technology used to simulate an immersive artificial world that can mimic or transcend reality.



A “Wagecuck is a derogatory way, also used ironically to self-identify, as someone who is not rich and holds a position of regular employment. Example: When working a regular nine-to-five, one may hear a crypto trader make a statement like. I am going to HODL my Bag to Lambo, Wen this YOLO hits the moon, I am forever done being a Wagecuck!”


Is the acronym for “We All Gonna Make It” and is widely used to inspire positivity and confidence in a project. It is also used to encourage the community to “HODL” as well as a means to provide support to each other. “WAGMI” is the beacon of hope in the crypto world. The... those that stay together, get paid together ideology. The foundation of a rock solid group, network and or tribe.


A place where cryptocurrency users can store, send and receive digital assets.

Weak Hands

A very weak investor who is prone to “FOMO” and easily panic sells at the first sign of decline in the market place.


Instead of using the proper When/What, these short forms have been adopted in crypto.


An investor who has very large amounts of crypto. Someone is considered a “Whale” when they have enough funds to manipulate the market, by trading in large quantities of crypto. It is common knowledge in the cryptocurrency sphere that volatility is often caused by a “Whale” using market manipulation tactics to swing a trading pair one way or the other. This knowledge is also why many traders “HODL” and do not sell into “FUD”. Past trading history shows that those who have “Diamond Hands” have prevailed on many projects! Though not always the case, the bottom line is… You can’t win, if you're not in! One must always keep in mind a “Whale” can at any given time disrupt the markets, in a positive or negative manner.

When Lambo/Wen Lambo

A phrase referring to when cryptocurrency holders will become rich enough to afford the purchase of a Lamborghini. Also spelled “Wen Lambo”. Often used by “FUDster’s” as a means to mock traders who have a positive outlook for a coin/token who “HODL”.

When Moon/Wen Moon

A phrase used to ask when the price of cryptocurrencies will explode. Also spelled “Wen Moon”. As with “When Lambo/Wen Lambo” these crypto slang terms are as well often used by “FUDster’s” to mock traders who have a positive outlook for a coin/token who “HODL”.


A document released by a project that gives investors technical information about its overall concept. A “Roadmap” of how a project plans to grow. A “Whitepaper’ discloses the general direction a project plans to take and how they project to grow the business over the long term. Read these documents very carefully, with a between the lines approach. Developers and project managers in today's marketplace, rarely list their goals 100% outright, due to copy cat project’s, and the real threat of Intellectual Property (IP) and or idea theft. Which runs rampant within the crypto industry as a whole. Keep in mind, in business, first in usually wins. There is always a race to be first in crypto!



Is short for “You Only Live Once” and is used to describe when a trader goes “all in” on a trade.

Your Keys, Your Tokens

By holding the cryptographic private keys, of your wallet, you fully control and own your cryptocurrency or crypto token. MetaMask, Trust Wallet and other BEP-20 BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Compatible Wallets ensure that you and you alone control these keys. Forever keeping RickRoll (ROLL) as well as your other token assets cryptographically safe and secure. Never reveal your wallet “Mnemonic Phrase” to anyone, under any circumstance.

Overall Self-Custody is the pinnacle of the “DEX”, “AMM” cryptocurrency mindset. All decentralized token holders and traders know and understand. The “Not Your Keys, Not Your Crypto” slogan. Cryptographic private keys give direct access to your funds. When you own your private wallet keys, you and you alone can gain access to these funds! Meaning, no third party can sign a transaction from your wallet unless you personally authorize it to happen, funds can only be sent out by you.

Example: If your funds are held on a Centralized Exchange “CEX”, you do not own or hold your keys to your crypto, the exchange does. This means that you are trusting them to hold your keys and keep your crypto safe. Not a very good idea, whomever holds your crypto in custody could run off with it and or even sell it. If you think “CEX” collapse cannot happen look further into Mt. GOX, Terra and FTX...!