Memeber Safety

Memeber safety measures: Post PancakeSwap liquidity pre-sale IDO and PancakeSwap liquidity pool locking.

Prior to clicking that send BNB confirmation button, please confirm you are getting the official token: RickRoll (ROLL)

By conducting a cross-reference check of the official RickRoll (ROLL) Token information listed for you herein below. Your doing so guarantees you will receive the correct token you seek. This information is provided by us to ensure you, our valued users, traverse safely through the (ROLL) acquisition process.

Take Notice: Due to the nature of decentralized exchange (DEX), automated market maker (AMM), trading system platforms. There are copy cat projects out there, caveat emptor. Do not get duped by want to be rickroll projects, ROLL with the original! Taking the time to cross-reference the materials herein below is to your benefit. We recommend your doing so.

Be sure to always verify your Transaction (Tx) prior to smashing that confirm button. This verification of data will ensure you get what you are looking for and not some useless copy cat product. Please review the items below for your own safety and security. Doing so will guarantee you procure the official RickRoll (ROLL) Token in your Binance smart chain (BSC) / BEP20 compatible wallet.

Official RickRoll (ROLL) Token - Website URL's

Official RickRoll (ROLL) Token - Whitepaper

Official RickRoll (ROLL) Token - Contract Address

Token: RickRoll (ROLL)

Ticker symbol: ROLL

Contract address: 0xb25c452aaC7731B3beF1ff9DAF6451036f0Ab6FB

Verify the RickRoll (ROLL) Token Contract Address on BscScan.

The whole of the RickRoll (ROLL) Token Core Development Team thanks you for your patronage and participation in the project.